Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homemade Pesto

This is not really a recipe. This is the outcome of my husband eating leftovers one night and I wanted something other than cereal. That's a lie...I don't eat cereal. I guess it's the outcome of me not wanting to eat mac & cheese, which is what I'll eat if my husband goes for the leftovers. Cereal just sounded healthier....

So I've seen pesto made on tv a million times and I've always wanted to try it...
I had some basil and parsley in my fridge that weren't going to last much longer so I put it all in my food processor (thanks mom!), threw in some pecans, garlic, parmesan cheese and gave it a whirl!

After this was all mixed together, I streamed in some Olive Oil as the food processor was still turned on and ta daa - pesto!

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