Friday, January 22, 2010

Jalapeno Blue Cheese Wedge

This is the absolute best salad ever!! I first had it at my parent's friends dinner party...I'm sitting there...eating this salad...thinking - how in the world am I going to get this recipe for this dressing?!? I don't even know this lady! I can't just immediately ask for her recipe...can I?

Thank goodness for my mom. She was there, and apparently eating her salad with the same thoughts...she however asked for the recipe. Sooo...I now have the super delicious recipe to share with you here...

Yes! It's in a jar!! It's Jalapeno Ranch dressing, and you find it in grocery stores in the refrigerated section of the produce know, where they have the salads in the bags and all that other good stuff. Believe me, this does not taste like any store bought salad dressing...

So, cut a wedge of iceberg lettuce, drizzle this dressing over it, sprinkle some blue cheese and good bacon bits on top and you're all done. Enjoy.

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